Leadership: A MasterClass

Influencing communities starts from within, with introspection and deep emotional intelligence. YESS has trained 5,000+ mentors, teachers, parents, nonprofit teams, police officers, and other community leaders to develop these skills. 
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What's Included?

Watch as Carlo gives a Leadership training to the Denver Police. This training focuses on improving their social and emotional skills, and to teach them how to handle different stressfull situations
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What we offer

The Leadership Training

We provide training for individuals, CEOs, managers, mentors, police officers,.... Our aim is for you to excel at social-emotional and leadership skills which can help you to make better decision as a leader. The training includes topics such as:
  • Burnout Prevention
    The love cup
  • Drug awareness & Education
  • Self-Awareness and Emotional Management
  • Confrontation and 
  • Quality Learning Solutions
  • Accountability,  and Cooperation
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Don't hesitate

Take your Leadership Skills to the next Level!

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It all starts with the 9 Key Components of Peer Mentoring

Being a great leader comes down to 9 key components:
  • Ownership
  • Recruitement
  • Retention
  • Training
  • Proces
  • Logistics
  • Meaningful activities
  • Completion
  • Measuring Outcome

Why choose YESS?

With over 20 years of experience, we have developed a proven track record of success in providing high-quality leadership training to a diverse range of clients.

Our expert trainers have trained over 5000 people, enabling them to enhance their leadership skills and achieve their goals. We pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering customized training programs that meet the unique needs of each client.
  • Real Skills
  • Quality Training
  • User Centered
"Leadership is the key to success in any organization, and leadership training is the key to effective leadership."
 Brian Tracy (Author and Motivational Speaker)

See it for yourself!

“Learning to be a better leader”

“I like YESS Institute because I’m learning how to be a better leader. I’m excited to be a mentor next. I love helping people and I think that when I become a mentor, it will be really great to be helping people who were just like me.” 
Mentee - Shaw Heights

“Lead by example”

“One thing I’m learning as a leader is that you have to lead by example. Because if you’re doing good, your mentee will do good.” - Devin, YESS Mentor at North"
Devin - YESS mentor

“Mentoring really helps you out”

“One thing I’ve learned about YESS is that mentoring really helps you out. This year, my mentee is a Sophomore, and she has improved so much. We are learning together how to get work done on time, take school more seriously, figure out her goals and also my goals.” 
YESS Student Mentor

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