Frequently asked questions

What age group are YESS Academy courses designed for?

YESS Academy courses are designed for youth, focusing on 5th-12th graders (~11-18 years of age), but each course is different. Each course specifies the intended age group in the Product Details on the course page description.

My school/organization doesn't have an LMS. Can we still use the curriculum?

Yes! If you, your school, or your organization do not currently have a Learning Management System (LMS) in place, we will provide one for you! You can also use our LMS even if you have another LMS already. If you already have an LMS in place and would like to continue using that for YESS Academy courses, our tech team will work with you to integrate the course into your LMS.

How long does each course take to complete?

Each YESS Academy course duration differs, and each is self-paced and adaptable in delivery. You can find those details in the course descriptions for each course offering.

What can our Academy offer that I cannot get from other programs?

First, the YESS Academy offers interactive and engaging lesson plans, including voiceovers, motion graphics, videos, quizzes, role playing, and open discussions. Most other programs consist of uninteresting PDF files that can be scrolled through, but not interacted with. Our courses can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS), and if you don't currently use an LMS (which is often the case for parents/guardians interested in purchasing the course for a child) we have one immediately available for you! Our programs have built-in attendance tracking capabilities, which allows you to track student progress and class participation.

I purchased the course License - what do I do now?

After successfully completing the purchase process, you will have immediate access to the course on our LMS. If you are unable to access the course within 24 hours, please contact us at If you would like to use a different LMS, please reach out to our team to integrate the course into your existing LMS. 

I am experiencing technical problems with the course. Who do I contact for support?

All questions and inquiries can be directed to or by calling us directly at (303) 709-8178.

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