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We are changing education by providing interactive courses for youth designed to create awareness and inform

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Online learning courses are an outstanding opportunity to learn new, marketable skills. These courses can be fully accessible by anyone who has access to an internet connection.
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Our courses are designed for everyone. Learn at your own pace, on your own time. 

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Our Leadership training is fully customizable to your needs and wants. Choose the lenght and the topics and we will provide the best training matching your needs.

Cannabis Education for Youth

We provide expertly designed e-Learning that moves at the pace you need, takes students on virtual journeys, can run off the platform and device of your choice, and offers critical skills needed to be successful in life.
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Leadership: A Masterclass

Influencing communities starts from within, with introspection and deep emotional intelligence. YESS has trained 5,000+ mentors, teachers, parents, nonprofit teams, police officers, and other community leaders to develop these skills. 

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Students experience material that is not taught in the traditional curriculum but is critically important for achieving one's full potential as a human being.
Susan Cardasis
The participants in YESS thrive. They choose to become responsible community members, to give back, and to model this behavior for younger students.
Terri Slivka
Through the design of curriculum, the development of resource materials, and the curation of programming practices YESS Institute has become a local and national leader in the field.
Brad Strong