A Day in the Life - Opioids

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  • Level: High School
  • Study time: 10 hours
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    • 6 Chapters
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    Course contents

    What are we Talking About?

    No matter how you felt when you woke up today, it's a start to something new, a new day with many possibilities. A Day in the Life is a chance to be the actor, director, writer and even hero of your own story. 

    Course Overview

    In this course we will go through a Day in the Life in the different communities we experience on a daily basis. We will move through home, school, neighborhood and community settings, where we can learn much about our environment, our resources and ourselves. 

    Community Building

    We will also be observing, documenting, interviewing, capturing and editing what you see and hear through your lens and from multiple perspectives. Learning from other perspectives is a valuable way to understand the world and even ourselves better.