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Healthy Lifestyles Cannabis Awareness & Education

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Number of students: 1
  • Author: YESS Academy
  • Level: 5th-8th grade
  • Study time: 9 hours
  • Videos: Yes
  • Quizzes: 9
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    What's included?

    Curriculum features
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    • 9-Levels
    • Facilitator Guidebook
    • 270+ Activities
    • Course Certificate
    • Flexible LMS
    • Progress Monitoring

    Immersive Activities

    9-Levels of gamified adventures with video, audio, text, and downloadable content.

    Self-paced Lessons

    Students complete activities at their pace, when and where it meets their needs.

    Progress Monitoring

    Facilitators, counselors, or parents can monitor course progress & class attendance.

    12month Active License

    Students can take up to a year to complete the 10-15 hour program. 

    Course Assessments

    Each level includes comprehension checks, opportunities for reflection, and exit tickets.  

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    Key Features

    Cannabis Curriculum

    9-Level evidence-based e-learning program designed with age-appropriate, interactive, and pragmatic skill-building activities.

    Adult Facilitator Guide

    We offer a helpful guide so an adult facilitator (mentor, counselor or teacher) can have a debrief session with the learner

    Progress Monitoring

    An adult facilitator can monitor student engagement, view responses, and manage individual course progress.

    A program designed by experts

    All YESS Academy courses are developed by leading experts in the field, and align with standards, including:
    • Program Quality Assessments (PQA)
    • Social Emotional Learning (PEARSON)
    • Colorado Department of Education
    • National Healthy Education Standards
    • Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration
    • Collaborative for Academic, Social, & Emotional Learning

    of Healthy Lifestyles participants said it helped them think about who to trust when getting information about marijuana

    of Healthy Lifestyles participants said it helped them understand how marijuana impacts brain functions

    of Healthy Lifestyles participants said it helped them think about how friends can influence each others’ decisions

    of Healthy Lifestyles participants said they better understand the laws around cannabis and how it came to be legal
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    Healthy Lifestyles e-Learning

    An e-Learning Adventure for Healthy Choices

    Healthy Lifestyles 3.0 is a highly interactive e-Learning simulation that helps youth make healthy choices and build valuable life skills. It is inquiry-based and student-driven, with an emphasis on lifting up student voice and choice, and opportunities for reflection. The lessons encourage discovery through the four primary learning modalities: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile.
    Students learn how to:
    • Make positive decisions
    • Have healthy relationships
    • Find role models
    • Be true to values
    • Reflect on identities
    • Plan for the future

    The Cannabis Awareness & Education Social Emotional Curriculum is a 9-Level e-Learning course where students learn about healthy choices and personal responsibility while exploring nature. 
    YESS Academy Cannabis Awareness & Education Curriculum empowers youth to thrive in a post-legalized world by giving them the information and skills to make positive decisions — for themselves. 

    • This curriculum is designed for 5th-7th grade (ages ~10-14) students who are at risk of unhealthy decisions with Cannabis mis-use.
      Flexible curriculum that is self-paced or can augment in-class instruction
    • Social-emotional skill building while engaging in virtual outdoor simulations
    • Lessons provide relevant and engaging activities to build life skills
    • Activities and assessments integrated into any Learning Management System

    This product provides relevant information, such as:
    • Impacts of Cannabis use on adolescent brain and body
    • How to find trusted resources and evaluate evidence
    • Laws around Cannabis and consequences for underage use
    • Intent, role, and regulation of medical marijuana
    • Myths vs. Facts (from self- and peer-perspectives)

    YESS Academy provides phone support, online/email support, forums, and tutorials as a part of the Cannabis Awareness & Education curriculum.

    When YESS Academy approves your purchase request and receives your payment, we will send the instructions for obtaining and activating the course license to the email address provided at checkout.


    Please consult YESS Academy's FAQ page for information not listed in the table below.
    System Requirements

    YESS Academy Cannabis Curriculum can run on either Windows or macOS. Some restrictions may result from school district-specific limitations on internet (e.g., restricted use of YouTube on school server). YESS Academy is not responsible for complications related to such restrictions.


    This license allows one user to download/set up the YESS Academy Cannabis Curriculum during the first year after initial license activation. License activation begins on the date of successful payment.

    Continuing Service After One Year

    License renewal is not available as an automatic renewal. Please contact YESS Academy directly for product license renewal at


    Refunds are not available for this product. Service will continue until the end of the one year license duration.

    Credit Card or PayPal Account Required

    You will be required to enter a credit card number or PayPal account to obtain your product license. Contact us for other payment options.


    YESS Academy offers three (3) licensing options for the Cannabis Awareness & Education curriculum.

    (1) Individual: The individual license is intended for parents, guardians, and individual users. Light facilitation is recommended.
    Individual licenses are limited to 5 licenses per purchase (1 seat per student enrolled in the course). Each seat costs a one-time payment of $25.00

    (2) Multi-User: The multi-user license is intended for smaller classes, after school programs, and other eligible groups/organizations. Multi-user licenses are intended for class sizes of 5-1,000 students. A one-time licensing fee of $125 is required  plus cost per student. 

    (3) Site-License: The site license is intended for schools, school districts, and other eligible large groups/organizations.
    Site licenses are intended for minimum class sizes of 1,000 students. A one-time licensing fee of $3,500.00 is required plus cost per student. 

    Individuals that request YESS Academy products must agree to any applicable Terms of Service. By purchasing YESS Academy products, you agree to all Terms of Service and Licensing Agreement terms. Additional information on the Terms of Service and our Licensing Agreement can be found here. 

    Individuals that advocate, support, or practice discrimination based on age, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, marital status, national origin, citizenship, disability, veteran status, race, color, size, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, or any other classification protected by applicable law are not eligible. Individuals must be willing and able to attest that they do not discriminate on any of these grounds.

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    Recipient individuals may not transfer, redistribute, or resell YESS Academy products. 

    YESS helps students become

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    Empower youth to thrive in a post-legalized world by giving them the information and skills to make positive decisions.