Course overview

Girls Inc - Going On Tour Vaping Awareness

  • Author: YESS Academy
  • Level: 5-12
  • Course time: 5 hours
  • Video time: < 1 hour
  • Assessments: 20
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    • 5 Levels
    • Animations
    • Scenarios
    • Videos
    • Assessments
    Course contents

    "Going on Tour"

    Learn about making healthy choices by exploring music

    Learn about healthy choices

    We provide a variety of scenarios to help learners think about making healthy decisions for them

    Make and Achieve Goals 

    Through simulations around music, concerts, and festivals, students learn about the effects of vaping
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    About Healthy Lifestyles

    Healthy Lifestyle "Going on Tour" is a 5-level eLearning simulation designed to teach students how to make decisions and build healthy relationships while navigating a complex world filled with peer pressure, social media, and other influences affecting their social emotional growth. Additionally, the program offers critical lessons on making good decisions when confronted with marijuana and other pressures. experience where the learner, or ‘adventurer’, navigates through journeys such as attending concerts, making music choices, and going to music festivals while making healthy choices and building valuable life skills.