Interactive Cannabis Learning Programs For Youth

YESS Academy offers engaging e-Learning courses for all class sizes. Check out our different options or contact us for more information

Our Mission:

  • Empower students with knowledge to make healthy decisions
  • Provide accurate information with real-world applications
  • Combat rising trends in addiction & addiction overdoses
  • Teach SEL skills within drug awareness e-Learning programs
  • Provide training & materials for teachers, parents, students
  • Reduce negative consequences associated with substance abuse

Our Approach:

  • More than 20 years experience working directly with at-risk youth
  • Curriculum developed in collaboration with schools, students
  • Peer leadership and SEL course development research
  • All programs beta-tested with student learners
  • Content gamification and simulation for engagement
  • Developed in Denver, Colorado

Healthy Lifestyles Cannabis Awareness & Education e-Learning Course

What's included?

We provide expertly designed e-Learning that moves at the pace you need, takes students on virtual journeys, can run off the platform and device of your choice, and offers critical skills needed to be successful in life.

9-Level Engaging Curriculum

9-Level evidence-informed curriculum designed with age-appropriate, interactive, and pragmatic skill-building activities.

Meets National Standards

Our courses align with standards and requirements at the school, state, and national level.

Self-paced Lessons

Our e-Learning programs provide the convenience of learning at your own pace, from the comfort of home or in the classroom.

Multi-device functionality

Take the course on any device that has access to the internet. You can even start on one device and continue on another!

Flexible LMS Delivery

Our online programs can be integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS). Don't have one? We will provide it!

Social-emotional learning

We teach social-emotional learning (SEL) skills within every course curriculum.

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$17 / student
  • 9-Level Cannabis Curriculum
  • 270+ e-Learning Activities
  • Voice-overs & Animations
  • Downloadable Course Overview
  • Course Handbook
  • Learning Management System
  • Technical Support Available
  • 12-month Active License

Schools & Districts

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  • 9-Level Cannabis Curriculum
  • 270+ e-Learning Activities
  • Voice-overs & Animations
  • Downloadable Course Overview
  • Facilitator Guidebook
  • LMS / SCORM File Delivery
  • Technical Support Available
  • 12-month Active License

You are in good care  

Students experience material that is not taught in the traditional curriculum but is critically important for achieving one's full potential as a human being.
Susan Cardasis
The participants in YESS thrive. They choose to become responsible community members, to give back, and to model this behavior for younger students.
Terri Slivka
Through the design of curriculum, the development of resource materials, and the curation of programming practices YESS Institute has become a local and national leader in the field.
Brad Strong

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